New Website Design!


As the title implies, I just redesigned my website, thugh it isn't really a new design, I already used it for my projects website. But it is a new design for my main website, and I did make a few modifications to it.

The new design is more simple, and no longer requires any javascript, so you can even look at it from your terminal, if you want.

The previous design used JavaScript and iframes to put the various pages inside the same page. I did this so I have to write the same head, nav bar, and footer for every page, without needing to edit every page if I needed to update it.
The new design uses a template head, nav bar, and footer, and I have all the pages stored seperatly. Then I just generate the full HTML files, additionally, I have put what is accessible on the website in a seperate branch in the Codeberg repo so it only serves the stuff related to the website and not the code I have written to handle generating it, syncing it, etc.